About your coach

I first had to be the change I teach.


I'm Chante’ and I’m excited that you’re here. The fact that you’re on this website is a sure sign that your looking for change.  I get it! I have been there…

For the sake of not boring you with long  details of my life, I will just tell you the stuff that’s really important.  I’m a divorced single mother of four (that was a mouthful in itself), that has had a successful bariatric weight loss journey.  Through trial and error, epic fails and mount top victories; I took my own life by the horns and me and my God reinvented ME! Now with 20/20 vision of self I see the me I always envisioned. Life is hard but I’m WINNING!  

Through habit changing transformations I have developed a powerful coaching program. It has proven to be a game changing strategy. It’s  what has guided you to this page. Lets connect! I would love to coach you into perfect vision of the you that’s been waiting to be released.       


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